size: 1/2"
design: Vertical leg (A)
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RONDEC PROFILE ALUMINUMINUM BRUSH NICKEL Product type: profile Material: ALUMINUMinum Finish: brushed nickel anodized Length: 250 cm (8' 2-1/2") The following accessories are also available for this profile: 90degree and 135degree inside and outside corners. Schluter -RONDEC-STEP is a finishing and edging profile for ceramic tile and dimension stone installations on countertops and stairs. The profile features a trapezoid-perforated anchoring leg, which is secured in the mortar bond coat beneath the tile. The top of the profile features a symmetrically rounded edge with 1/4" (6 mm) radius, which matches the RONDEC profile, while the vertical leg of the profile hides the exposed edge of the subassembly. In addition, the profile effectively protects tiles in the edge area from mechanical and impact stresses. The integrated joint spacer establishes a defined joint cavity between the tile and the profile. RONDEC-STEP is suitable for residential applications, e.g., stairs not exposed to heavy traffic, and countertops. RONDEC-STEP is available in two different vertical leg lengths, 1-1/2" (39 mm) and 2-1/4" (57 mm), to cover the edge of the sub-assembly. The profile is selected according to the appropriate tile (H) and sub-assembly (A) thicknesses. The profile is available in anodized ALUMINUMinum with various finishes to allow for decorative design and interesting accents. Matching corners for the RONDEC-STEP are available.

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