New Commercial Tornado Bowl and new flush valve 2023 product Launch


After 106 years in business, TOTO still continues to strive on improving our bathroom experience with the latest cutting edge technologies, setting new industry innovative advancements.  

That being said, we are very proud to announce the New industry leading Tornado Commercial flushing bowls.  Our new Tornado flushing commercial bowls, have now adopted our proven and award winning residential Tornado Flushing technology, offering a better flush and bowl cleaning experience.  

The new Tornado flushing system uses the centrifugal spinning force to evacuate waste more quickly and efficiently, at the same time helping clean/scrub the bowl.  The Tornado flush reduces decibel levels for sensitive projects but more importantly it significantly reduces "splash up" which is known to cause UTI's (urinary tract infections), which senior living facilities and hospitals will appreciate.  This new upgrade, including the baked on Cefiontect glazing, continues to separate TOTO from the competition and demonstrates TOTO's commitment to our innovative advantages.

TOTO has also improved the EcoPower flush valves to accommodate a larger PSI range (now min. 25psi - max. 135 psi) and minor detection upgrades to the smart sensors, reducing ghost flushing to save water and improving detection heights and range. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

They're ready to ship!